VIVALDI Clarae stellae, scintillate

Album title: ‘Music for St Mark’s Venice’

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HMV 5734772  (EMI)

VIVALDI The Four Seasons

VC 5451172 (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Players / Soli: Chiara Banchini, Alison Bury,

Elizabeth Wallfisch, John Holloway

without qualification the best performance of this warhorse of warhorses (New York Times)

VIVALDI Gloria / Magnificat

VC 7593262  (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Choir & Players / Soli: Emily Van Evera / Nancy Argenta /

Alison Place / Catherine King / Margaret Cable

imaginative and different from all the Glorias you’ve heard hitherto (BBC Radio 3)

VIVALDI ‘Maestro de Concerti’

VER 5612752 (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Players   Soli: John Holloway, Roy Goodman, Jenny Ward Clarke,

Susan Sheppard,  Marion Verbruggen,  Janet See, David Reichenberg

One’s highest expecations are fulfilled (STRAD)