Bach, J. S.

J S BACH Brandenburg Concertos

VC 5617262  (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Players / Soli: John Holloway, Marion Verbruggen,

John Toll,  Paul Goodwin, Janet See, David Staff

performances of revelatory grace, richness, intensity and life (TheTimes)


J S BACH Cantatas 82 and 202

CDA 66036  (Hyperion)

Parrott / Taverner Consort & Players / Soli: Emma Kirkby, David Thomas

a very special release (Fanfare)

(Cantata 202 also available on The Emma Kirkby Collection, CDA 66227)


J S BACH  Easter Oratorio / Magnificat / Cantatas 4 & 11

VBD 5616472  (Virgin) , VCL 5616472 (CEM) and VC 5450112 (Virgin Veritas)

Parrott / Taverner Consort & Players / Soli: Emily Van Evera, Caroline Trevor,

Charles Daniels, Peter Kooy, David Thomas

this is just about the perfect Easter CD (CD Review)


J S BACH Magnificat / Ascension Oratorio / Cantata 50

VN 5613402 (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Consort & Players / Soli: Emily Van Evera, Emma Kirkby,

Evelyn Tubb, Caroline Trevor, Margaret Cable, Howard Crook,

Wilfried Jochens, Simon Grant, Stephen Charlesworth

performances full of sparkle and musical insight (Gramophone)


J S BACH Magnificat / HANDEL Dixit Dominus

CDC 7549262 (EMI)

Parrott / Taverner Consort, Choir & Players

an exquisite release (The Independent)


J S BACH  Mass in B minor

VMD 5613372  (Virgin) and VBD 5619982 (Virgin Veritas)

Parrott / Taverner Consort and Players / Soli: Emma Kirkby, Emily Van Evera, Panito Iconomou,

Christian Immler, Michael Kilian, Rogers Covey-Crump, David Thomas

Die aufregendste Chor-Aufnahme des Bach-Jahres…eine Sensation (Süd-Deutsche Zeitung)


J S BACH  St John Passion

VBD 5450562  (Virgin) and VCD 5450962 (Virgin Veritas)

Parrott / Taverner Consort & Players / Soli: Rogers Covey-Crump,

David Thomas, Tessa Bonner, Emily Van Evera, Caroline Trevor

c’est donc cette nouvelle version qui s’impose (Telerama)


J S BACH Orchestral Works

including Brandenburg Concertos, Orchestral Suites, Sonatas for gamba and harpsichord

VB 5617262  (Virgin)

Parrott / Taverner Players and the Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra

stylish and intelligent (LA Times)


J S BACH Sinfonias and Sonatas

Album title: ‘A Baroque Festival’ VER 5613042  (Virgin)

or Baroque Classics CDM 7698532 (EMI) /

See ‘Baroque Miscellany’ in Anthologies and Miscellanies


J S BACH Trauer-Music

Music to mourn Prince Leopold BWV 244a

AV2241 (Avie)

Parrott/Taverner Consort & Players

Emily Van Evera, Clare Wilkinson, Charles Daniels, Thomas Meglioranza

Effortlessly lovely performances and a richly rewarding recording as well. BBC Radio 3 CD Review

Click here for French and German CD notes.


J S BACH  Trauerode / Komm, Jesu, Komm / Jesu, meine Freude

Album title: ‘Heart’s Solace’

SK 60155 (SONY)

Parrott / Taverner Consort & Players / Soli: Emily Van Evera, Tessa Bonner,

Caroline Trevor, Charles Daniels, Christian Hilz

the most thrilling and incisive choral singing you are ever likely to encounter (The Observer)